Apr 11 2010

Now Available: IJPS Articles Online!

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Volumes 10 and 11 of the Indiana Journal of Political Science are now available on our website!

Volume 10 (Winter 2007) includes articles by Stephen Bennett, Michael Wolf and Andy Downs, Deborah Howard and Robert Dion, James Chappell, Jasper Sumner III, Isabella Christensen, Young-Choul Kim, and Uisoon Kwon. Their articles cover a wide range of issues – from the participation of young people in politics to strategic voting in Congressional primaries, from a legal review of sex discrimination claims to conflict administration in the public sector. Other authors discuss the British welfare state, transnational advocacy network theory, protest potential in East Asian democracies, and the role of class in the 2000 presidential election.

Volume 11 (Winter 2008/2009) includes articles by Monica Maria Tetzlaff, Cheryl O’Brien, Elizabeth Bennion, Weena Gera, Carla D’Anna Gorriti, Luis Molero, and J. Robert Shrode and Mary Hallock Morris. Their articles range from a discussion of race and politics to a classroom experiment on voter registration, from an analysis of global sex trafficking to the influence of gender, race and party identification on attitudes about global warming. Volume 11 also includes articles on Philippine political decentralization, military expenditures in Latin America, and ethnic identification in Bolivian social movements.

Printed copies of Volume 11 will be coming soon!

The editorial staff at the IJPS is currently working on Volume 12 with a predicted publication date of June/July 2010. We are also taking submissions for Volume 13, which will be published in Summer 2011. Individuals who present at the Annual Meeting of the Indiana Political Science Association this week are encouraged to submit their revised conference papers for consideration.

Thank you,
Mary Hallock Morris, Ph.D.
Editor, Indiana Journal of Political Science