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Volume 15: 2019/2020

Systematic Failure: Mental Health Policy in the U.S.

by Andy Tuholski, Ph.D. ( ■ Southern New Hampshire University

Policy Risk and Investment: Examining the Impact of Ruling Party Duration

by Steven R. Hall ( ■ Ball State University &

Misa Nishikawa ( ■ Ball State University

Creating Enduring Strategic Relationships in the Absence of Formal Diplomatic Ties: The Case of the United States and Taiwan

by M. Todd Bradley, Ph.D ■ Indiana University Kokomo

Voucher Programs in the State of Indiana: An Assessment of Resident Satisfaction

by Pamela M. Schaal, Ph. D. ( ■ Ball State University

Pink Money, Blue Money: The Impact of State Political Context on the Relationship Between Gender and Campaign Finance

by Laura Merrifield Albright ( ■ University of Indianapolis

Corporate Citizens and Democratic Practice

by Steven Gerencser ( ■ Indiana University South Bend

Teaching Political Science Online at the Introductory, Major, and Graduate Levels: Designing and Delivering Courses for Student Engagement and Success

by Ross C. Alexander ( ■ Indiana University East &

Lilia G. Alexander ( ■ Indiana University East

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